Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recupefashion Feature!!!

Today I'm featuring a lovely artist/mother/wife and business woman, Nathalie Brault of Recupefashion. She specializes in taking old, unwanted, end of the line materials and transforms them into new, beautiful items. In addition to the clothing Nathalie makes upcycled, handmade jewelry, sewn and crocheted items and also paper goods. And in addition to being an artist Nathalie also runs a very popular blog! Her blog, Women-Prenuers Galore promotes other women and their shops while attracting lots of traffic by hosting giveaways. I'm actually featured on her blog right now!
When Nathalie is not working in her studio she enjoys walking in the woods, baking, listening to music, caring for her animals, and relaxing with a crafting book. When it comes to business Nathalie keeps a positive attitude. She realizes the challenges of online sales especially in this economic slump but she focuses on marketing her work and keeping a strong online presence. Her mind is set on sales and sales are what she gets! I hope you take the time to check out Nathalie's amazing work! Here are other places to shop and look at Recupefashion:
Mention 'Artwork by KD' and receive 10% off at her online stores!!!

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