Monday, June 28, 2010

My First Anklet!

I had a recent request for one of my flower bracelets to be made into an anklet. I liked the end result so much I decided to add it to my collection! These flower anklets really look pretty on your ankle! It really transforms your whole look! As always I hand cut each piece from recycled bottles. The shiny petals are from a salon hair dye tube!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yogurt Cup Bracelet Cuff!

My sister saves me tons of yogurt cups! Unfortunately they are made from a non-recyclable plastic, which means they land in the garbage when emptied unless you find another use for them. This gives me a little extra pressure to create a use for them. I've been making earrings out of the yogurt cups, but yesterday I made a simple braceled/wrist cuff. It uses the majority of the cup, leaving a lot less to throw away. Plus it's super cute and funky and sure to stike up a conversation. I used button snaps for the closure which makes for easy on and off. And since it's all plastic you can wear it anywhere because it's waterproof! I have lots of flavors, what's your favorite?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Eco Bangle!

I bought a funky leather bangle when I was recently in Rome, Italy. I loved it so much and it inspired me to try and make one out of recycled plastic. It is a common design among leather bangles/wristcuffs. The leather bangle I bought is cut so perfectly and it was only 5 euro! I wonder if they use some kind if machine or jig and crank them right out... Mine on the other hand, was pretty labor intensive and it took over an hour to make. My leather bangle had a button stud for the closure. I looked high and low for them and found that they were quite expensive so I experimented with button snaps and really liked the finish result. Using the button snaps has opened doors for new ideas so be on the lookout for more funky eco-cuffs!